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Associated Press
ATLANTA — A Gainesville man who ran past security guards at the Atlanta airport could face up to two years in jail, according to the Clayton County solicitor.

Solicitor Keith Martin said he planned to file two misdemeanor charges Thursday against Michael Shane Lasseter that carry combined maximum penalties of two years in jail and $2,000 in fines.
Martin declined to identify the exact charges Wednesday.
Lasseter, 32, ran past two security guards and down an up-escalator at Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport on Nov. 16. He told police he left the airport’s secure area to retrieve a camera bag and wanted to get back to his son, whom he had left with an uncle at an airline gate.
The incident closed the airport for three hours and disturbed air travel across the East Coast.
In addition to charges in Clayton County, Lasseter may face a $3,300 fine from the Federal Aviation Administration. He also has been sued by AirTran Airways for $100,000.
Martin said a sincere apology from Lasseter could soften his recommendation.
Lasseter’s attorney, Robert Lipman, said the prosecutor was ”grandstanding for all he can try to get.”
”If any apology should be forthcoming, it should come from (the Clayton County solicitor) as a public official, for casting aspersions upon my client,” Lipman said.

Published in the Athens Banner-Herald on Friday, January 11, 2002. york commercial professionals robert lipman video